Virtual Pandemic Operations Center

Incorporate a Virtual Pandemic Operations Center (VPOC) into your Business Continuity Program to ensure business disruptions are minimal, 

and employees’ health, wellness, and general welfare are promoted.

Virtual Pandemic Operations Center

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery is typically meant for a sprint, not a marathon.


While in the past, we used to manage regional emergencies, on-premise employees, planning for team safety during a local crisis, and securing on-premise infrastructure, today, we are asked to manage global pandemics, work-from-home employees, wide-spread crisis management, cloud-based connectivity issues, and being more reliant on vendors than our own enterprises.


Incorporating a Virtual Pandemic Operations Center (VPOC) into your Business Continuity Program can be integral in ensuring your business disruptions are minimal, and your employees’ health, wellness, and general welfare are promoted.


Templar Shield’s Virtual Pandemic Operations Center (VPOC) uses the Business Impact Analysis to bolster up the Business Continuity Plans to incorporate Pandemic Management and Pandemic Response. Our VPOC assists to establish the follow-through needed for ongoing situational assessments and reporting on the current status of the company and employees’ health and wellness during a pandemic.


Shield Advantage

We understand the importance of incorporating a Virtual Pandemic Operating Center into a mature Business Resiliency program. The Pandemic response should be more than an extension of Business Continuity – Pandemic Response should be a part of it. In addition to planning for building fires, earthquakes, power outages, and cyber-attacks, we take into consideration work-from-home procedures, shelter-in-place employee communications, and vendor management.


Our VPOC incorporates 4 key areas: 

  • Business Impact
  • SiP Employee Risk
  • Employee Wellness
  • Critical Vendor Intelligence


Through our VPOC program, we expand BC/DR Planning to the enterprise encompassing Enterprise Risk, Cyber Risk, and OSHA/CDC Requirements ensuring the concerns of C-Level Executives are addressed. We leverage leading GRC Platforms to incorporate Pandemic Risk into the Business Impact Analysis and “Pandemicize” the Business Continuity Plans.

How we can Help

Templar Shield can help augment your Virtual Pandemic Operations to expand your capabilities without having to expand your team. Key components of Virtual Pandemic Operations Center Framework include:


BC/DR vs. Pandemic Management

  • Pandemic / Crisis Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Disaster recovery
  • Dependency / Point of Failure Mapping

WFH Employee Management

  • Identify infrastructure affected by impacted employees
  • Information Security (BYOD, MDM, VPNs, ISPs, VMs)
  • Policy Management
  • Virtual Desktop solutions (RDP)

Emergency Response Operations

  • Emergency exposure management
  • Emergency Outreach – Employees health, symptoms
  • ID employees who may have been infected by health
  • Key Personnel Point of Failure / reallocation of work

Critical Vendor Management

  • Cloud Solution Providers – app management
  • Vendor Financial Health
  • Vendor Security Posture Monitoring
  • Backup Communication Platforms

Our Partners

We have partnered with cutting-edge technology vendors in GRC, Cybersecurity, Privacy, IDAM, and Cloud domains 

to provide best-in-class services and solutions to manage your risk and compliance program needs.

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