Templar Network

 Together with leading technology and service providers, we are committed to curate and bring the latest in innovation and capability 

to enable you transform your enterprise risk and compliance programs.

Our Partner Ecosystem

Technology unfolded itself as a key ingredient for business growth!


However navigating seamlessly thru the ever-increasing complex technology world is still a challenge for many organizations because they have to deal with multiple point solutions creating complexity, confusion, administration nightmare, and overheads. 


We have created an ecosystem of technology partners to build complementary solutions and integrations and enable you to experience a smooth implementation process to manage your enterprise risks and corporate obligations effectively and efficiently.

Well Being
Operational Risk

Shield Advantage

  • Solution accelerators and pre-built connectors reducing time and effort to jumpstart your technology implementation.
  • Eliminating the nuances of dealing with multiple vendors to meet your security, risk, and compliance technology/process automation needs.
  • Eliminating technology silos by building an integrated platform to address your solution needs
  • Bridging the technology gaps via collaboration and joint solution development

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