GRC enablement is transformational. It is not only time and resource-consuming but also requires
a long commitment to navigate through the risk and compliance complexity for unlocking the benefits of GRC


The business landscape is getting more complex with an ever-changing risk and compliance landscape i.e.,  ever-increasing regulations coupled with overlapping regulatory requirements, and a lack of insight into the cascading effect of enterprise risks on the organization.


GRC presents new ways to manage your enterprise risks and compliance obligations. It lays the foundation necessary for your organization to decode the map and connect the dots between the current and desired maturity to navigate the complicated risk and compliance landscape for achieving your goals and strategic objectives in the context of greater business complexity.


Further, it enables your organization to align people, processes, and technology to develop a unified framework and a common platform for enabling the three lines of defense to collaborate in managing risks and compliance obligations of your enterprise.  


Enterprise GRC enablement is challenging and  time-consuming because the market space is congested withmultiple GRC tools with similar capabilities, making it harder for the companies to select the right tool

that meets the current and future GRC requirements.


In addition, often companies have the deal with challenges at people and process levels due t

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We’re here to help you navigate the veritable ocean of GRC.






Technology Enablement


Managed Services

GRC Tool Administration and Maintenance Support

Our Approach

Enterprise GRC enablement is both an art and science. It requires active engagement and collaboration

between key stakeholders and requires diligent consideration of GRC maturity and people, process and

technology complexities, and dependencies of the organization.

Shield Advantage

Our programmatic approach to Optimize Business Processes, Framework, and Content, enabling GRC/IRM technology

integrated into our Crawl, Walk, a Run methodology designed to help your organization improve maturity and achieve the desired state.

Tool agnostic and solution maturity approach

Prioritized implementation roadmap based on people, process, and technology readiness

Best of the process and out of box functionality convergence

Workarounds to address unique business requirements

Pre-built engagement and solution accelerators

Enhanced solution functionality to address growing risk and compliance demands

Our Partners

We have partnered with leading  GRC/IRM vendors with cutting-edge technology to provide best-in-class services and solutions 

to manage your risk and compliance program needs

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