Third-Party Risk Assessments as a Service

In today’s interdependent world, proactively monitoring the financial and operational viability of your third-party ecosystem is the key to sustaining your business.

Third-party Risk Managed Services

Third-party Risk Management is complex but critical. Tracking your policies and regulatory obligations is difficult enough, but ensuring that all your vendors hold up their end of risk management can quickly become an arduous task.


Managing third-party risk can be tedious and time-consuming. In many cases, the workload becomes overwhelming, leading to missed observations, little-to-no follow-up, and an inaccurate picture of your third-party risk posture.



Despite spending significant efforts to manage third-party risk, many organizations still struggle to organize their TPRM programs to increase operational efficiencies. Even the initiatives to implement TPRM or GRC specific tools did not give the desired results due to lack of a knowledgeable workforce, learning curve, user adoption. Eventually, these initiatives were put on hold or dropped. Organizations on the journey of maturing their third-party risk management processes face a variety of challenges in completing their vendor risk assessments, such as –
  • Backlog of Vendor Risk Assessments
  • Insufficient amount of staff to perform vendor risk assessments
  • Lack of expertise on due diligence document reviews
These challenges limit an organization’s ability to take a risk-based approach toward understanding their third-party universe and prioritize the work distribution of already limited resources.

How Can We Help

‘Third-Party Risk Management’ as a Service is a unique managed service model that supports your growing third-party risk management needs. The model offers an opportunity to select from ala carte services required to meet the on-demand, short-term, and long-term risk management requirements.



We provide tiered services to meet your individual needs that cover one or more of the following phases in a standard third-party assessment lifecycle

  • Third-Party Prioritization
  • Pre-Assessment Support
  • Assessment Reviews
  • Findings & Recommendations
  • Remediation Follow-up
  • Continuous Monitoring


  • Flexible Engagement Model – Engage for on-demand, fixed quantity, staff augmentation, and managed services delivered in onsite, remote, nearshore, and offshore model
  • Scalable Services – Engage services only or services & technology to address risk management needs across third-party lifecycle
  •  Plug n Play Model –  Ready to use assessment framework with a question bank mapped to regulatory frameworks and integrated with external tools for continuous monitoring


Our flexible TPRM framework where you own the data is bolted on your existing program and GRC/TPRM tools implemented  to manage third-party risks.

The following activities are performed as part of each phase of the third-party lifecycle:

Third-Party Prioritization

We augment your existing risk-based approach blended with third-party risk intel gathered from external sources to classify, prioritize and assess the most critical third-parties first.

Pre-Assesssment Support

We provide tailored assessments, liaison on your behalf with the third-party contact, our relationship manager responds to assessment and post assessment follow-up.

Assessment Reviews

We review completed assessments along with supporting documents (SOC 1&2 reports, policies etc.), and map against control framework/regulatory requirements for third-parties, 4th parties and Nth parties.

Findings & Recommendations

We document findings and recommend actions to remediate identified gaps, and create assessment review report.

Remediation Follow-up

We liaison with third-party contacts, our relationship manager works with you on recommendations and post-remediation review.

Continuous Monitoring

We empower you to proactively monitor third-parties via integrated external feeds to enable continuous monitoring of financial health, security and privacy events and trigger ad hoc assessments to timely identify and mitigate risks.

We also work with you to implement a Third-party program on various GRC/TPRM tools available in the market today to help you automate your processes if needed.



To provide you with the best service experience, we have partnered with the industry leading third-party data providers like RiskRecon, RapidRatings, CyberGRX, BlackKite.

With our tool agnostic approach we enable you to get up and running with your TPRM program no matter if you are just starting out or have mature TPRM processes established.

We provide pre-built plug ‘n play TPRM solutions that you can leverage as is or as the first building block for automating your TPRM program lifecycle.

Shield Advantage

Our integrated and holistic approach to third-party risk management can help you –
  • Achieve a comprehensive vendor risk profile
  • Gather data from vendors and service providers using external surveys sent directly to vendors
  • Perform continuous monitoring by using ongoing security, financial health, and compliance ratings from leading service providers
  • Our fit-for-purpose approach provides you with

    • Enhanced risk coverage over the lifecycle of your third-parties
    • Near real-time risk monitoring of business-critical third-parties
    • Tools to identify and prioritize your critical vendors
    • Efficient resource allocation
    • On-going monitoring and remediation based on risk prioritization

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