Organizations can no longer afford to ignore cybersecurity as it is now a business risk. Looking beyond building capabilities to protect from cyber-attacks and positioning cybersecurity as the enabler of the business is the key to boosting your business performance and growth. 


In recent years there’s been a massive increase in cyber attacks that compromises the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical information and assets. Organizations are spending time, money, and valuable resources when attempting to reactively resolve a cyber incident.


To combat this, Templar Shield has successfully built tailored and comprehensive cybersecurity strategies to proactively reduce the risk of cyberattacks. Our ultimate goal is to effectively implement security and privacy strategies, improve your security posture and provide a return on your cyber investments.


Shield Advantage

Templar Shield has deep experience in technical implementation, operations, and support, helping organizations navigate the complex landscape of cyber strategies and choose the one that addresses their security and privacy concerns.


Templar Shield professionals provide an independent assessment of your current security posture, work with your team to design and implement Information Security Program and Privacy and Critical Data Protection Program, provide continuous monitoring and ongoing support of your security and privacy control environment.

How We Can Help

Our security practice consists of seasoned certified professionals in Infosec/Cyber/IT/OT/IoT/ICS security domains. Our experience of providing services right from strategy to managed security coupled with our innovative security solution accelerators built on various platforms will help you in managing and security posture of your organization at the desired level.  



Businesses come in different sizes, risks, regulations, values, and visions. The difficulty of developing a cybersecurity strategy is that no two businesses are the same.


Our cybersecurity strategy ensures that the protection of critical assets align with business objectives, policies, and activities which include but not limited to:

  • Risk Management
  • Improved Compliance
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Process Improvement
  • Incident Response
  • Resource Management
  • Event Identification & Response
  • Metrics


Security requirements of the organizations across industry sectors vary significantly. We provide security consulting services to all kinds of businesses across many sectors, including but not limited to :

  • Security Governance 
    • develop security program, framework, content, and policies
  • Security Assurance
    • conduct security reviews, assessments, and audits
    • Benchmark against security regulations/standards/frameworks such as CMMC, HIPAA, PCI, FFIEC, NIST CSF, NERC CIP, ISO27001 
    • Controls design, implementation, testing, and reporting effectiveness  
    • Reporting Security risk posture
  • Security Management
    • Develop Security Operations Center (SOC) SOP and rule book
    • Security incident response plan and handling procedures
    • Security incident recovery procedures
    • Breach management, including notifications and investigations
    • Vulnerability response
    • Threat detection and management

Technology Enablement

Cybersecurity entails monitoring the IT environment, governance, risk, and compliance, and uncovering vulnerabilities and addressing them before cyber actors exploit them is one of the best means to achieve optimum security.

To this end, organizations should be conversant with the different cybersecurity tools and their respective categories.

  • ServiceNow
  • Archer
  • IBM OpenPages
  • Lockpath
  • OneTrust
  • Prismo
  • Tenable
  • FoxGuard
  • Alliance Ecosystem

Managed Services

Templar Shield’s Cybersecurity Managed Services consists of the following:

  • Security Program Maturity Assessment
  • Tune and implement Security and IT/IS policies
  • Compliance audit readiness gap assessments
  • Threat analysis and mitigation
  • Privacy and Critical Data Protection Services

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We have partnered with leading  GRC/IRM vendors with cutting-edge technology to provide best-in-class services and solutions to manage your risk and compliance program needs.

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