GRC enablement is transformational. It is not only time and resource-consuming but also requires
a long commitment to navigate through the risk and compliance complexity for unlocking the benefits of GRC

Policies layout a solid foundation for the internal control environment.


Policies are the lifeline of good governance and do reflect the organization’s commitment towards its customers, stakeholders and set expectations for the conduct of its employees.


Keeping policies relevant and up-to-date is critical because outdated policies may pose a risk and significantly impact the organization’s bottom line. However, many organizations are finding Policy management tedious and, in some cases, overwhelming too because it is often decentralized, distributed among various functional groups such as Human resources, Infosec, Privacy, Finance.  


In addition, the policy life-cycle management is often manual making it difficult for the executives to make necessary policy changes and effectively enforce and monitor its compliance across the organization. 


With extensive experience in leading GRC technology, domain, and industry expertise, Our consultants have been helping organizations implement a holistic policy management program by realigning and developing a more efficient system to manage an organization’s policies.




The policy change management process often bogs down organizations through missed deadlines, duplicative work, and the significant efforts in merging policy changes into master copies.


Despite spending significant efforts to manage policies, Organizations struggle with outdated policies, inconsistent policy formats/templates, and multiple versions of policies floating around. On top of it, they spend significant efforts to create awareness, enforce, track, monitor, and report policy compliance/non-compliance due to but not limited to the following:

How We Can Help

Our services and solutions can help you combat policy management issues ranging from developing policy

content to updating and automating your policy change management process. Using industry-leading GRC tools,

we can help you aggregate all the policies into a centralized location and automate the change management

processes to provide operational and sustainable value for you and your stakeholders.






Technology Enablement


Managed Services

Shield Advantage

Our integrated approach can help you establish a robust policy governance framework and streamline

your regulatory content to develop business process execution aligned with the

risk and compliance management strategy. The benefits:

A better-organized policy repository

Saved time for directors and c-level employees

Reduced operating costs through consistent and efficient business operations and

Improved profit margins

Our Partners

We have partnered with leading  GRC/IRM vendors with cutting-edge technology to provide best-in-class services and 

solutions to manage your risk and compliance program needs.

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