In today’s interdependent world, proactively monitoring the financial and operational viability of your third-party ecosystem is the key to sustaining your business.


It’s time to make a shift.


With continuing globalization of markets, increasing compliance requirements, expanding outsourcing of business processes, and use of hyper-connected cloud environments, organizations are faced with numerous challenges when managing their third parties. Organizations need to take a risk-based approach to better understand their third-party relationships and prioritize their limited resources on the highest risk areas.

With our integrated third-party risk management solution (TPRM-in-a-box) or solutions custom fit for your environment, Templar Shield helps vendors work for you rather than expose you. We offer extended capabilities to provide the continuous monitoring and systematic means for gathering the vendor responses you need to make your riskiest vendors the priority.


Shield Advantage

Templar Shield provides an integrated holistic approach to third-party risk management.


Utilizing our alliances with risk assessors like Risk Recon, RapidRatings, CyberGRX, and BlackKite, integrated risk technology platforms, industry frameworks (i.e. SIG), and our extensive experience in vendor management, we help organizations save money, remediate third party risk faster, and limit exposure.


With Templar Shield as your strategic partner, you can achieve a comprehensive vendor risk profile through extended capabilities to gather data from vendors and service providers using external surveys triggered to vendors on-demand, and continuous security and financial health ratings from leading service providers.

How We Can Help

We have leveraged the best practices and technology implementation experience and developed a TPRM-in-a-box solution to help you jumpstart your TPRM program without reinventing the wheel and building things from the scratch. Our licensing model offers an opportunity to select from ala carte services required to meet the on-demand, short-term, and long-term risk management requirements.



TPRM-in-a-box licensed solution allows you to streamline and centralize your third-party risk program.


It enables you to automate your processes and reallocate your key resources to higher priority tasks.


The data gathered in the solution can be further leveraged to determine key risk intelligence and metrics.



Key Features

TPRM-in-a-box solution allows you to streamline and centralize your third-party risk program.


It offers the following key features in one integrated and packaged solution –

  • a central vendor profile repository
  • reduced manual processes
  • improved on-going monitoring
  • remediation based on risk prioritization
  • holistic view of your third-party relationships
  • options to utilize our pre-built integrations with industry leading external vendor risk assessors like RiskRecon, RapidRatings and BlackKite


Our tool agnostic approach allows you to bolt a TPRM-in-a-box solution on your existing IRM/GRC tools and integrate with any of the service providers seamlessly and with minimum disruption to your business users.


With our proprietary TPRM-in-a-box solution, you are provided with capabilities to –

  • manage automated workflows & notifications
  • manage vendor relationships, track SLAs, monitor compliance via pre-built dashboards
  • continuously monitor vendor’s financial health, cybersecurity health, and compliance via integrations with external tools
  • facilitate due diligence reviews
  • measure financial viability
  • manage and assess engagements with question bank mapped to the regulatory framework
  • manage third party findings and remediation

Risk Intelligence

We have integrated risk intelligence capabilities into our proprietary “TPRM-In-A-Box” solution to address the most common challenge in managing third-party risks i.e. identifying, segregating, and directing the organization’s limited resources to manage high-risk vendors.
  • Security: MITRE attack assessment
  • Ransomware Susceptibility Index
  • Malware Communication Identification(passive)
  • Compliance: NLP/ ML control analysis
  • Financial Health
  • FAIR Analysis of the financial impact
  • Reputational / Sanctions monitoring
  • ESG: Environment, Social, Governance

Our Partners

Together with leading technology and service providers, we are committed to curating and bringing the latest in innovation and capability to enable you to transform your third-party risk management program.

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