– listed Templar as Top20 Enterprise Risk Management Service Companies in 2019 – listed Templar as Top20 Enterprise Risk Management Service Companies in 2019

Templar Shield is a leading professional services company serving North America in information security, risk, and compliance technology. Templar Shield offers a wide variety of service choices, including consulting, embedded risk transformation consulting, activities, and technical alternatives, to satisfy the particular requirements for their client. Templar Shield has collaborated with more than 100 Fortune 1000 businesses and government entities to drive creative embedded risk and enforcement alternatives across multiple company tasks. Acting as a collective unit and taking advantage of the domestic procedures, assets, and information capital of the company to add to their service achievement



Risks have long been associated with businesses, owing to detrimental losses like fire, theft, or a natural calamity. Today, the dynamics of risks have evolved. They now are a diverse collection of obstacles and potential dangers that can hamper the business flow at all times. Cybersecurity, for starters, is one of the most evident threats that exist for organizations to counter. Moreover, with technologies like AI, cloud computing, machine learning, and more causing disruptions across every industry vertical, the complexities for organizations to deal with the risk increases as well.



To have well thought out strategies along with the right set of partners is quintessential to address enterprise risk. Besides, the right strategy will lead organizations to avoid the risks as well as layout contingency plans to minimize the impact in case of damage. Although, every organization follows specific standards and protocol to mitigate the risks, however, having the right enterprise risk management solution will further accentuate their capabilities. Right from risk identification and analysis to assessment and verification, and finally mitigating it,...



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