Learn how we helped a multi-billion finiancial institution standardize, streamline and automate their manual and labor intensive RCSA Process


A multi-billion dollar financial institution was looking to automate and standardize their RCSA processes, the client’s ERM department turned to the Archer GRC platform. The client was looking to have a single location in which they could house and report on all of their past and ongoing RCSAs.


The client had a large dependency on multiple spreadsheets for tracking the information. Their process was manual, leading to issues with versioning and increased efforts in coordination. Between the spreadsheet use and coordination, their RCSA documentation and process were extremely complex and difficult to track.


We implemented a fully integrated and customized RCSA solution in Archer which enabled the team to develop reports and run metrics they could track to help them identify upcoming RCSA cycles and perform analysis of their current RCSA Cycles. We also provided simplified versioning to greatly reduce their program complexity, saving them hundreds of hours a year.

Value Proposition/Results

The process automation enabled the client team to dynamically select data sets for each RCSA cycle. The versioning process allowed the team to make updates without fear of corrupting “live” data. Approved data was published using Archer’s native automation options. Overall the use of a GRC tool led to an automated flow that prevents process bottlenecks.

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